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Adult B'nei Mitzvah Cohort

View the class syllabus (coming soon!)

If you are a Jewish adult who has never had a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, now is your opportunity.  This 14-month course will delve into Jewish theology, liturgy (prayer), and Jewish cannon (Torah, Midrash,Talmud, etc.).

Class time will also be devoted to the mastery of parts of the Shabbat morning service.  The course culminates at the Shabbat morning service, during which students will share in leading the service. 

See syllabus for dates or see the calendar.

Topics of Study:

  • Meaning of Mitzvah
  • Structure & meaning of the Shabbat Morning Service
  • Introduction to the Jewish Cannon
  • Jewish approaches to the Divine
  • What happens when I die?
  • Jewish response to death and mourning
  • Parshah Tutoring: Chanting of 1-3 specific lines of Torah (5 hours of private study with tutor)
  • Introduction to Kabbalah
  • Jewish movements
  • How to approach writing a D’var Torah (sermon)
  • Basic Torah Trope
  • Torah Study of specific parshah verses
  • Israel

Class Readings

8/8/20 Saturday, 1-2:30pm
8/15/20 Saturday, 1-2:30pm
9/12/20 Saturday, 1-2:30pm
10/10/20 Saturday, 1-2:30pm
10/17/20 Saturday, 1-2:30pm
11/7/20 Saturday, 1-2:30pm
11/21/20 Saturday, 1-2:30pm
12/5/20 Saturday, 1-2:30pm
12/12/20 Saturday, 1-2:30pm
1/9/21 Saturday, 1-2:30pm
1/16/21 Saturday, 1-2:30pm


Mon, January 20 2020 23 Tevet 5780