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Getting Started with Our New Website

The first step is getting you into your account. You can download these instructions as a PDF, or see the instructions below.

Creating your Login

  1. Have your email address ready, the one where you receive your CST emails.
  2. Go to on your computer or phone.
  3. At the top of the page on the right side, select “Login”
  4. A drop-down menu will appear, enter your email address and select “Forgot Password”
  5. Select “Email Password”
  6. Log in to your personal email account to receive emailed password reset instructions.
  7. Click on the link in the email “Reset Password”
  8. Select a new password that you will remember. You will get a notice stating “Password Change Successful.”
  9. Write down your username (email) and password so you don’t forget them!
  10. Confirm you are logged in by going to and checking that your name appears in the top right corner of the web browser. Click your name and select from the drop-down menu “My Account”.

Using your Account

After logging into ShulCloud, click on “My Account” near the top of your screen. You will now see everything you can do.

My EventsOnce live and online registration for events is active, you will see all the events for which you have registered

  • Donate:  Pay your bill online or easily make a donation
  • My Transactions : Allows you to see everything on your account by viewing transactions. See your account balance. Pay your bills online (once you set up Payment Methods)
  • My Statements: View your current CST statement

My Payment Methods

  • Add payment methods by clicking on “Add New Payment”
  • Please add credit card to keep on file
  • If you prefer, you may continue to write paper checks and mail them to our office: 2600 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95404.

My Profile

  • Allows you to see your current profile information and make changes.
  • If you are using a Gmail, and want it to be connected to ShulCloud, just select the box “Connect to your Google Account”.
  • To edit your profile click “View and edit your profile” (Note,  detailed instructions are at the end of this document.)

Edit My Address: Please enter your address here

My Family

  • Shows everyone in your family
  • You may edit family information including children’s information and birthdates by selecting “edit your family”
  • If someone is missing you may select “add person”.

My Yahrzeits: Confirm dates are correct for those already in the system. Enter/Add Yahrzeits as needed.

Editing your Profile Pages

You will see something similar to this with the tabs across the top

Personal Information

  • You can change password here
  • Make sure all of your information is accurate

Contact Information

  • Make sure all of your information is accurate
  • You may select how you want your subscriptions: email, paper, or a mix of the two
  • You may add your social media information

Business Information

  • Our hope is that we will be able to connect with, and understand the wealth of knowledge in our community, and refer members to other members’ businesses and services
  • Please enter as much information as you are comfortable sharing

Life Cycles

  • Make sure all of your information is accurate
  • For Hebrew Birthday, select Blue Button “From English” and it will translate your birthday into the Hebrew Calendar information
  • “Ufruf” is your wedding date if applicable
  • You also have a choice if you want the information made public to congregants or not


Questions? Please email and we will be notified.

Sun, November 29 2020 13 Kislev 5781