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Congregation Shomrei Torah



The Days of Awe: A Journey of Transformation

Individually and as a community, Jews traditionally prepare for the High Holy Days during the Hebrew month of Elul, which this year falls from the evening of August 18 through the start of Rosh haShanah on the evening of September 15.  Here are some suggestions from Rabbi George and Alissa Hirshfeld to prepare for the Days of Awe during this month:

  • Find an Elul partner and schedule some time together to talk about your lives, what's working, what's not, and what you hope for in the New Year.
  • Review your calendar for the past year to reflect on how you've spent your time. 
  • Read a book like This Real And You Are Totally Unprepared (Rabbi Alan Lew)
  • Reach out to people you have lost touch with, need to apologize to, miss, etc.
  • Let people in your life know how much they mean to you.
  • Send out New Years cards. Notice who you leave off the list and why.
  • Put all the Holy Days in your calendar and make plans to attend services.
  • Visit loved ones at the cemetery.
  • Set aside time to think about your year, how you are doing, what's true for you, good and not so good.
  • Meditate.
  • Write out goals for the coming year.
  • Have compassion on yourself.
  • Give tzedakah.
  • Follow the Wilderness Torah daily teachings and shofar blowing throughout Elul:
  •  Reflect and renew with the 10q app:


Meditation Schedule

Be sure to contact the Shomrei Torah office if you are not yet receiving the weekly meditation email reminders, which include the Zoom links.




Led by Rabbi George Gittleman or Alissa Hirshfeld.  Each session includes teachings, meditation instruction, and periods of silence.

Zoom or Livestream only:

OCTOBER 10, 17, 24

NOVEMBER 7, 14, 21

DECEMBER 5, 12, 19



THURSDAYS, 7:30-8:00 AM 

Participant led. Available by Zoom only.

Join us weekly for a short meditation session, led by Lisa Ehrlich or another member of the CST community. Start the day from a place of peace and reflection.  

Click Here to watch previously recorded Meditation sessions.


Highlighted Past Sessions:

Meditation Mini-Retreat, 28 August 2022

Be Here Now! - Rabbi George's Sermon


Resources from Tuesday Sessions:

Deuteronomy 30 and Neruda Poem - 12 September 2023

The River Meditation by Rabbi Nachman - 6 September 2023

Psalm 27 by Norman Fischer - 29 August 2023

Parashat Ekev - 1 August 2023

Kushner and Olitzky - 20 June 2023

Siddur - 20 June 2023

Self-Love - 16 May 2023

Tree of Life - 2 May 2023

They May Be Just Acquaintances - 2 May 2023

Counting the Omer - 18 April 2023

Pesakh and Impermanence - 11 April 2023

Psalms 30 by David - 7 March 2023

Purim with Dr. Seuss - 7 March 2023

Sparks Beneath the Surface - 28 February 2023

This Is a Love Poem - 22 February 2023

Vaera: I Appeared - 24 January 2023

Witnesses of Dawn - 24 January 2023

Meditation Handout - 29 November 2022

Chayeh Sarah - 15 November 2022

I Worried by Mary Oliver - 1 November 2022

Meditation Recordings by Rabbi George:

BODY SCAN: Follow these recorded instructions by Rabbi George to relax and prepare for meditation or sleep.

SOUND-BASED Meditation: Listen to this guided meditation from Rabbi George, "Hearing the Voice of the Holy One: A Sound-Based Guided Meditation."

          COMPASSION PRACTICE: Guided by Rabbi George.

Other Resources:

WALKING MEDITATION: Resources for meditation while walking.

SHALOM CHANT: Follow Rabbi Aryeh Hirshfeld in chanting “Shalom,” as we do during our sessions.

COUNTING THE OMERResources for counting the Omer.


To view more resources for Jewish meditation, CLICK HERE.

Sat, September 23 2023 8 Tishrei 5784