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Congregation Shomrei Torah

Your generous gifts to Congregation Shomrei Torah enable us to enrich the lives of our synagogue members and the greater community. CST provides a diverse assortment of giving funds in support of our mission, and your donations are critically important, and enthusiastically appreciated.  


"We are worth what  we are willing to share with others."   ~ Rabbi Jonathan Sacks


Congregation Shomrei Torah List of Funds

The General FundNot sure where to donate? A gift to the General Fund enables us to direct funds wherever they are needed most. This money is vital to the daily operations of Shomrei Torah, this is how we keep the lights on and the bills paid.

Rabbi George's Discretionary Fund - Used to help people in need, to enhance synagogue programming and support community organizations that further our mission. 

Building Facility Fund - This fund supports the maintenance of our synagogue facilities as well as any potential future renovations.

Building Mortgage Fund - This fund helps pay the mortgage on our beautiful building.

Rabbi Michael Robinson Fund for Social Justice - This fund, in memory of the social justice work of Rabbi Michael Robinson, z"l, and former rabbi of our congregation, supports scholarships for teens to participate in social justice trips as well as the annual, Rabbi Michael Robinson Memorial Lecture on Social Justice.

Marnie Schwartz Fund for LifeLong Learning - Marnie Schwartz, educator and a past president of Shomrei Torah, died in the Tubbs fire in 2017, leaving most of her estate to the congregation. She loved our community and was committed to adult education. Donations to this fund are used to offset the costs of LifeLong Learning classes and events at Congregation Shomrei Torah.

The Laur DeAguiar Fund for Music - This fund was established in loving memory of Laur DeAguiar to provide ongoing support for our music program and care for our piano.

Billie Blumenthal Religious School Scholarships Fund - Created in memory of Billie Blumenthal, our former Religious School Director, may her memory be for a blessing. This fund assists families who are unable to pay tuition fees and other expenses required for enrollment in Shomrei Torah Religious School.

Lang Fund for Religious School and Youth Experience - This fund was established in loving memory of the Lang family to support youth education and programing in our community.

Stein Fund for Campership and Israel Experience - This Fund was generously established by Shomrei Torah members Marlene and Martin Stein to help children attend Jewish Summer camp and travel to Israel.

Elisha's Pantry - In partnership with Christ Church United Methodist and Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Elisha's Pantry distributes food to residents in need in the Rincon Valley and Bennett Valley neighborhoods. Every week, bags of food are handed out to feed approximately 10,000 people each year. These donations help provide the resources to keep the pantry running. 

Social Action Committee (Harris Fund) - This fund supports the work of the Social Action Committee of the congregation which supports a variety of social justice actions in and outside the community. 

Shomrei Torah Bagel Club - This fund supports the monthly cultural and social gathering known as The Bagel Club. Donations to this fund help offset the cost of food, speakers and programs for this group. 

Shomrei Torah Cultural Events - This fund supports all cultural events offered by the congregation.

Shomrei Torah Legacy Circle - Legacy Circle members have chosen to remember CST in their estate planning; and these donations support, promote and develop Legacy Circle participation. Read more about Legacy Circle here.

Shomrei Torah Library - These funds help provide books for our congregational library which is open for the entire community to enjoy. 

Shomrei Torah Security - Security is an ongoing expense of the temple which this fund supports.

(Seasonal) Tradition of Giving - Our annual campaign plays a critical role in the financial health of Shomrei Torah. Membership pledges cover less than 60 percent of the cost to operate our synagogue.  The rest must come from other sources, the most significant of which is our Tradition of Giving campaign.

(Seasonal) High Holy Days - make a contribution toward High Holy Day services at Congregation Shomrei Torah.



If you are a Shomrei Torah member, consider purchasing a Yahrzeit Plaque for a loved one.  May their memory be for a blessing.

Members & Nonmembers: Honor someone special by purchasing a Pomegranate or Leaf for our Kir HaKavod Wall.


eScrip: Support Shomrei Torah every time you shop at Oliver’s Market using the Community Card.

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Without generous donations

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our Synagogue could not

provide the services

that it does.

Thank you!

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