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To make a donation to Shomrei Torah in honor of High Holy Days, click the link below and select "High Holy Days" from the dropdown menu.

Make a Donation in Honor of Holy Days

From Erica Wisner

"Music from this year's High Holy Days services elevated our prayers and touched our souls as we prayed from our homes, physically apart but together in spirit. It was this very format which offered an opportunity to reimagine how to make music together. Necessity is the mother of all invention, so we got down to it.

The technology learning curve was high, yet giving the gift of sacred music to our community kept myself and our musicians going through a challenging summer. In total, I ended up making 18 videos (18 in Hebrew means life) - perhaps a sign that it was meant to be."  Blessings, Erica

  • Click Here to view more of Erica's favorite videos. 
  • You can view all High Holy Days videos by Clicking Here

Missed a Holy Day Service?

Yom Kippur

Rosh Hashanah

Elisha's Pantry and High Holy Days


As an alternative to dropping off food, please consider making a donation to Elisha's Pantry by Clicking Here and selecting "Elisha's Pantry" from the dropdown menu. You may also send a check to CST, please write "Elisha's Pantry" in the memo.  Your help is needed more than ever due to our increasing need from unemployment and the current fires.

Our tradition tells us that, “All who are hungry come and eat” and “May the sounding of the shofar call you to act on behalf of all those who are hungry in our midst”. In our community there are many hungry people.

Please help us to make sure that those that are in need have free food to eat. Join with Elisha’s Pantry to help stock our shelves with non-perishable, currently dated food items during the High Holy Day season. This year, due to the pandemic and no services at CST, we are asking our members to consider bringing their bags of non-perishable food items directly to Elisha’s Pantry.

ease drop off your bags at Christ Church United Methodist: 1717 Yulupa Ave. 

In 2005, CST and Christ Church United Methodist came together to open Elisha’s Pantry.  Bethlehem Lutheran Church joined us soon after. With your help, this 15-year-old project will be able to continue feeding those in need. The Pantry is open every Thursday from 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM.

Please call Stephen Harper, Chair of Elisha’s Pantry Steering Committee and project leader for CST, with any questions, help or concerns at 707-332-2759.  A project of your Social Action Committee.

Redwood Empire Food Bank Virtual Fundraiser 

Many of us include a food drive or collection as part of our High Holy Day activities.  Dependence on food banks in the county has grown exponentially during Covid-19 and the huge rise in unemployment.  Redwood Empire Food Bank is serving an average of 30,550 average households a month since mid-March, an average of 196% percent increase in recipients since the pandemic began.  CLICK HERE to participate.

Wed, May 12 2021 1 Sivan 5781